Private Clinic, Outpatient Department

Our Outpatient Department at the Private Clinic is situated in direct proximity to the Clinic, on the campus of the UPK Basel. Two senior physicians and a psychologist are there to see to the needs and concerns of patients with additional semi-private or private inpatient insurance. They will clarify the indications for inpatient treatment and will explain the Clinic’s therapeutic concept. If you have thus far made no use of any outpatient psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment, we are also in a position to continue with bridging care, subsequent to inpatient treatment. The Private Clinic’s inpatient healthcare staff liaise closely with the outpatient healthcare staff in this.

We also always work closely with referring physicians, with the outpatient offerings of the UPK Basel, and the home-treatment and special outpatient sections of the Clinic. This means that your inpatient treatment can be followed by a seamless transition, easing you back into a fulfilled, self-determined life.

Emergency contact, Private Clinic

During business hours:
Phone +41 61 325 52 08

Outside business hours:
Phone +41 61 325 51 00

University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) Basel
Wilhelm Klein-Str. 27, Basel, Switzerland