About the Private Clinic

We are one of the leading private psychiatric clinics in Switzerland. This means: We think holistically, our therapies reflect state-of-the-art research, we offer the highest degree of professionalism, and respect every single patient.

Care and quiet

The Private Clinic of the UPK Basel is situated in lovingly restored, 19th-century villas in the middle of a spacious park. We are here able to house 34 patients in individual rooms with en-suite bath. You will receive intensive medical, therapeutic and nursing care. Our senior physicians will remain in close contact with you, and will monitor your therapy closely. You will be cared for with empathy, and will enjoy excellent food and ample rest, quietness and personal privacy.

Bringing body and soul into harmony

We treat the whole spectrum of mental crises and diseases of adulthood. Affective disorders such as depression and burnout syndrome are among the focal points of our work, and we also deal with psychoses, anxiety disorders and dependency-related conditions such as gambling and online addictions. We act holistically. That means we always regard the body and soul as a unity, in order to be able to treat you on the correct level. Our senior physicians are qualified in both psychiatry and neurology. Our interdisciplinary team has a broad palette of psychotherapeutic procedures at its disposal, alongside well-founded psychopharmacological therapies, neurological diagnostics and pain-management treatments.
The therapies for mental illnesses are in a process of constant development. Since we are affiliated to the University of Basel, we are situated at the cutting edge of research and are developing innovative treatment methods. In the field of depression in particular, we work on the basis of the latest findings, using methods that combine a physical with a psychological approach.

On an equal footing

Human dignity is our prime concern. We engage with every one of our patients on an equal footing. From your very first moments with us, we will develop every step of your treatment in tandem with you. Everything we offer is precisely that: an offer, for we place great value on self-determination, and we work on the basis of trust and respect. Our goal is always to help you win back your quality of life, to experience joy, and to shape your life as you want to. We can achieve this best by working together with you.

Returning to your life

From your very first conversation with us, we will be discussing your return to an independent life. If you wish, we can draw your relatives or your employer into your treatment. We are an open clinic. This means you can visit your family or return to your workplace for a few hours. After you have been discharged from the Clinic, we will continue to provide support, and will coordinate your outpatient treatment together with your referring physician. We are keen to help make your return to an independent life as smooth as possible.

Quality and excellence

Our patients are highly satisfied with our work. In a comparison of different clinics, the UPK Private Clinic has attained top ratings for overall satisfaction. We also achieved exceptional feedback for areas such as participation, treatment, follow-up treatment and cooperation with our therapists. These results of a survey using the so-called «Münsterlinger Patientenfragebogen (MüPF)» (Münsterlingen questionnaire) are both an incentive and an obligation to us. A comparison of the findings for our Clinic and for other private clinics in 2019 can be seen in the graph given here (in German).

As a university psychiatric clinic, all our therapies are evidence-based and validated. We are also constantly developing further in the field of care, and have our work evaluated regularly. You can trust in our excellence.

Patient information

Emergency contact, Private Clinic

During business hours:
Phone +41 61 325 52 08

Outside business hours:
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